37 Beautiful Pumpkin Carving Ideas You Can Do By Yourself

Making a Halloween Jack O’Lantern is one must-do activity for Halloween. Pumpkin carving is a very popular activity because of how easy it is to decorate one, and the eerie glow they produce when a tea light candle is placed inside. Jack O’Lanterns are simply a fun, easy activity. Pumpkins are very plentiful in October, so grab your pumpkin to get started!

Pumpkins are adaptable to anything you’d like to design it with. There are a number of ways you may carve to make a beautiful, or spooky addition to your Halloween decorations.

One way you can decorate your Jack O’Lantern is to carve directly into the surface of the pumpkin. There are kits and stencils you can buy for precise carving. Or, if you would like to get creative, you can carve freehand for more creativity and flexibility. Another way you can decorate your pumpkin is to paint on the pumpkin. Better yet, you can use both methods. Get creative!

Many people prefer to carve their pumpkin so that they can be used as lanterns, as the name Jack O’Lantern suggests. Before carving your design you will need to cut the top of the pumpkin off and scoop out the insides. This will make pumpkin carving much easier, and will give you the ability to put a tea light candle inside. Your carved pumpkin can be very simple with rounded eyes and a toothless mouth. Or you can create an ornate and intricate design. This depends on your level of commitment and time you have available to spend on the project.

If you’re not so artistic you can purchase a template in stores (such as Walmart) or do an online search for one you can print out. http://www.ehow.com/halloween/templates.html is one such site. Once you have the template printed out, you would need to secure the paper to the pumpkin, get your carving tool, and carve along the black lines on the template. Make sure you are carving all the way through. Once you’ve carved each section, you can simply “punch” the pieces out of the pumpkin. Viola! You have a Jack O’Lantern!

Whether you decide to paint or carve your pumpkin, there are always ways you can jazz up the design. Glue sequins, feathers, anything small and light for an extra umph. If you have children, they will probably have some super creative ideas. This is definitely an activity that is fun for the whole family. Get everyone a Halloween Pumpkin this year and celebrate in style!

Most of all, have a great and happy Halloween featuring your new Jack O’Lantern!



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