37 Casual Rock Painting Ideas For Home Decor

A local resident from Bridgewater has captured the glory of Shenandoah Valley more than once on canvas. She has been an artist for about 36 years and her reason for carrying easel and oils is not just to paint nature. She uses her collection of cut-outs from daily newspapers over the years in order to paint.

According to this artist, the clippings let her put back white or black, and other old colors to her painting exactly the way she wants to. In order to create larger scenic painting, she adds, she cuts out pictures of animals and object. She holds up a worn newspaper photograph of two millstones and points to how she had used them in the 15 by 4 foot mural that stretches across one wall of their family room. The millhouse on a rustic scene on the riverbank and the grey mill wheels look really amazing.

According to her, the large mural on her wall is a product of her methods, which include using the said photographs to add detail to other works like weather board buildings and wood land animals. In order to do this, she only needs water. Water is not hard to paint with, because it is volatile.

Her plans are to start working on another painting, this time with a snow scene. Because snow goes fast, it is easier than the rest The mural and one or two more other smaller scenes are the only paintings the artist has in her home. But she said that she has already painted a lot of painting and sold them or given them away.

In Hagerstown, Maryland, there is a furniture store that helps her sell her stuff. When somebody, like a neighbor or a friend asks for her to paint, she does it willingly. She is always so busy with so many orders. Most of her customers come around by Christmas, because her paintings are perfect for gifts.

She was only thirteen years old when first got into painting, thanks to a nice old lady in her neighborhood in Rockingham County. At that time, she paid the lady only 25 cents for each afternoon lesson. She showed a small pallet that her mom made from a lightweight board with a paring knife and a drill. There is a little note about how it was made on the old pallet, which is smeared with paint.

They have placed item from their church, which has been torn down six years ago, in a family room inside their home. The view to the river near their house can be seen clearly through the huge glass wall covering an entire face of the room. To bring the outside in, the nature and the woods, they used the glass.

There seemed to be something missing when she was painting the mural. Three quarters through she sand papered the painting off because the children didn’t like the way she mixed the gold the reds and the rusts. She may as well continue to keep her home empty of all her other works, for any other painting in the spacious, sunny den would not be noticed besides the eye catching wall painting that explains without words her love of painting.



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