39 Splendid Metal Art Ideas For Your Garden That Looks Great

No garden is complete without a least one piece of wonderful metal garden art. Even the most die hard gardening purists have been known to quietly sneak a piece or two into their yard. With so many artists working in the field and so many different materials to choose from, the choices are endless. No matter what your taste, you will find at least one piece of metal garden art to add year round color and character to your garden.

Steel is the most popular material used in metal garden art because it is inexpensive, versatile and easy to work with. It is used to make garden sculptures, garden stakes, wall art and metal garden decor like lanterns, wind spinners and bird feeders. Steel can be used in its natural state, varnished, painted or left to rust. Some artists even combine rusted metal with treated metal for pieces with a very unique look. For larger more contemporary pieces, corrosion resistant stainless steel is used to create striking, architectural pieces.

Some of the most creative, fun and whimsical pieces of metal yard art I have seen are made from recycled metal. Recycled steel oil drums or tanks, discarded bicycle or tricycles, broken tools and nuts and bolts, these all provide the raw materials for the creative eco-artist. A rusted oil drum is incarnated as a happy pig, and a broken rake becomes a bird.

Copper is also widely used in metal garden art because it is beautiful, durable and adds elegance to any garden. If allowed to oxidize it will age gracefully to a natural weather worn green patina. It can also be preserved with a clear coating to maintain its bright, shiny look. Copper sculptures, wall art and garden stakes add a touch of class to any decor.

For a classic look add a bronze garden sculpture. Bronze sculptures have been around for thousands of years and have been erected to honor fallen heroes, leaders and even saints. In modern times they have included more playful subjects like children and their pets. Bronze sculptures remain popular today because they are classic, timeless and will last for generations.

Metal garden art adds beauty, charm and whimsy to any garden. Whatever your taste, classic, contemporary or just playful, metal garden art will warm your heart even on the coldest winter day.



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