39 Vintage Glitter Wall Paint Design Ideas For Your Room

The interior design of our homes is a good representation of who we are. Leaving your walls painted with a boring color on them simply says that-boring. This is why textured paint has become so popular recently. It is very easy to do yourself, or cheap to pay someone else to do. It is quick and gives great results even to a beginner.

Not only can this paint spice up your walls, but it can also be used to cover up existing stains or other wall problems you may have. If the stains are very bad, I would use a thick primer before using any textured paint.

You have quite a few options just within textured paint to choose from. You can do a sponged/ragged glaze. This is one of the easiest and most common techniques. The walls are painted the base color, the highlight paint is mixed with a glaze, and the glazed mixture is sponged or ragged on top of the base coat. There are several variations to this, but this is the basics.

Another type of textured paint you may want to try is mixing a special glitter or sparkle additive to the paint. This makes your walls glimmer slightly. You can get the sparkles in your walls color or something slightly different. This is a fun way to spice up a room. You can choose how much or how little sparkles will go into the paint.

A third type of textured paint is venetian plaster. This is one of the more difficult techniques to master. It will take at least three separate coats of paint, each using different technique to get the right look. You will have to look at individual manufacturers suggestions for this paint.

These are just three of many, many options you have. Make sure to do your homework and learn all about the different types of paint before painting.



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