41 Alluring Study Space Designs Ideas With Contemporary Spirit

Every parent dreams about seeing his or her child study with pleasure. In the hopes of making this happen, many try to think of a way to create a pleasant and inspiring study space in their child’s bedroom, only to fail hopelessly most of the times. It is just too hard to fit a bed, sports equipment, clothes, toys, and in addition, a desk and shelves, in an organized and attractive way that will make a kid excited about getting home to study.

Luckily, there are ways to achieve just that; professional interior designers will help you find the solution. Through the cautious and experienced study of the space and your child, and the thorough knowledge of available materials and furniture options, a designer can create a practical and gorgeous study space that will inspire any kid.

The trick is in dividing the room in defined areas. There should be a well designed and established area for sleeping, another one for playing, and yet another one for studying, in this way, as soon as your child goes into any of these areas he or she will feel and recognize its function. What do we mean “feel”? Well, in the sleeping area, the child will feel relaxed and it will be easier to fall asleep and rest; in the play area the kid will activate his or her imagination and energy; and in the study area, he or she will find it easier to concentrate and study more effectively. There shouldn’t be distractions like TV, posters, and music in the study area, unless any of these relates specifically to the work being done.

The wellbeing of your child is imperative to help him or her enjoy studying. For a child to be comfortable while studying, the furniture has to be the appropriate size. The interior designer will only recommend furniture that fits your child’s size and with the right posture support, without sacrificing, of course, the “cool” side of the deal.

The study space should have good lighting to stimulate attention and protect your child’s vision. Dull lighting will make your child daydream, and believe us, the last thing you want is for your kid to develop a connection between schoolbooks and daydreaming.

The interior designer’s job is to understand human behavior in order to create a space that works for the individual, thus, she needs to know your child very well, and will work closely with him or her to find out how they think, what their interests are, and how they view school. In this way, she can inspire them through images and designs based on their preferences, perhaps, the universe, nature, or even literature… your kid has the last word! In the same way, she will know what colors to use to influence their focus and retention skills.

As for you, always keep an eye on your child while he or she is studying, and make sure you tell them to take regular breaks every hour or so, in this way, they will be able to rest their body and mind, enhancing their attention span and allowing them to feel relaxed the whole time.

It is all about making the study experience be fun and comfortable, so ask the professionals, because it is possible. There is an interior designer in Seattle who can make your child love homework!



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