42 Minimalist Small Laundry Room Organization Ideas

Laundry areas, in general, easily end up a place where items are stored, stashed, and procrastinated — to do later. With small laundry rooms this becomes a big mess fast; however, even the largest laundry rooms can easily become a disorganized mess if the proper tools and systems are not in place. Therefore, prioritizing storage needs and determining what can realistically be accomplished is especially vital for small laundry rooms.

Small laundry rooms lack space to fold and hang clothing, a place to put dirty laundry, shelf space for detergents and such, and an area for long term drying for delicates, making it extremely difficult to stay organized. Even though an organized system to do laundry is important no matter the size of the laundry area, the first step for a small laundry area is to ensure that the tools are in place to enable the room to be organized and to save space.

However, some of these items do not have to be in the laundry room; some can be made to take up a lot less space, and some can be used more efficiently.

With the tools in place to organize a laundry area, the next step is to make sure that a proper system is in place to ensure that the area doesn’t become a place where items are stored, stashed, and procrastinated.



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