43 Magnificient Playground Room Décor Ideas For Small Spaces

With the heavy increase in population, many homes nowadays have rather small rooms and sometimes it seems difficult to properly furnish them so that you also have enough space to walk around without bumping into things all the time. Using a cabin bed is one of the best ways to make use of the small place you have available in your room.

Of course there are many different styles of beds that you can add to the bedroom, however when you have a tiny place, a cabin bed not only makes the room really decorative and pretty but it also makes best use of its storage facility in order to give your room a neat and tidy look.

Even if the bedroom is bigger, as the family increases in number, the space effectively becomes smaller. Many times small children share a bedroom due to lack of enough rooms and sometimes our tendency to simply accumulate stuff all the time makes it also very difficult to enjoy the space that we’d otherwise have available. When you first see a cabin bed, you will realize how useful it is. It has several drawers for extra storage space and it has other cabinets, and even play areas. This bed really makes for a multi-purpose piece of furniture in any bedroom.

When you have to share a room with your siblings or with colleagues in dorms, the storage space is even more limited than when you’re alone. This way each person has enough place to store their most important belongings in the several drawers, which keeps the room look organized, neat and even comfortable.

This bed is perfectly suited when you have small kids, particularly if the children are of pre-school age. With its play area, its desk and drawers, it’s the perfect playground and work ground for the toddlers for painting, coloring and playing. You can find this bed in three main sizes, the high sleeper, mid sleeper as well as the captain cabin bed.

Using this bed type in a small bedroom is perfect when you want to save on space and have ample of place to move around the room. You can easily store bed sheets, covers and other bedroom small items such as pillows and blankets that would otherwise take extra space to properly store away. As the cabin bed offers pull-out drawers, it is very easy to take out and put back the bed items at all times without having to endlessly search for that particular bed spread that you’ve been searching for.



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