46 Unique Nursery Room Ideas For Baby Twins

You know what they say – twins are double the trouble, but twice the love. Congratulations on the upcoming arrival of your two little bundles of joy. As you wait for your babies to arrive, you are probably feeling overwhelmed with the thought of decorating your twin nursery.

You may ask yourself, “How am I ever going to fit two cribs in one room?” or “How am I going to make the room match?” Take a deep breath and relax. Decorating a twin nursery is simple, as long as you take the time to plan your nursery.

Choosing the Color Palette

It doesn’t matter if you are expecting two babies of the same kind, or one of each. You should choose the color scheme of your nursery first. This will help you choose the twin baby crib bedding collections that you want, and it will also help you envision your nursery better.

Select a color palette that you really like. Don’t feel tied down to traditional pinks or blues. You may prefer to go with middle-of-the-road colors, such as orange or yellow or green. Gender-neutral colors are perfect for any baby’s room.

Find Matching Baby Crib Bedding Collections

After you decide on the color scheme that you want for your twins’ nursery, hold off on the painting. Find the perfect twin baby crib bedding sets first. Since you have already narrowed down the color that you want in your nursery, simply browse different baby bedding collections and see what design fits your tastes. Many of today’s crib bedding collections have matching crib sets to accommodate the needs of twin nurseries.

If you are expecting twins of the same gender, you may want to save the trouble of trying to find two coordinating designs by just buying two of the same baby crib bedding set. That will make decorating your nursery much simpler and you only have to buy one set of nursery decor.

Make the Most of Your Space

When you are expecting twins, you will want to make the most of your space. This means finding ways to organize and get extra storage. For example, you may want to choose a dresser that also serves as a changing table, or a crib that has drawers underneath it for storage. You may also want to use bookshelves and use fabric drawers to keep all of your baby’s essentials in it. A good closet organizer will also come in handy to help you have additional storage space.



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