48 Attractive Arrangement Ideas For Family Photos

We all know someone with that perfect home. It’s the place everyone loves to gather. Great furniture, a relaxed atmosphere, great family pictures lining the walls. Something about the look makes the home a comfortable and relaxing place, but you probably can’t put your finger on why.

Part of what makes the look so comfortable is the display of family photos. It takes away some of the formality you may feel in a house that has a designer look and no real personal touch. Decorating with family pictures can be challenging. It can be difficult to find the balance between adding just a touch of personality and overdoing it. It’s not hard to get the look though. Here are a few tips.

First, pull out several of your favorite photos. Find photos that have a common theme. Maybe a series of pictures from a camping trip, or a beach visit, or that special trip abroad. Getting those photos out and on display is the perfect way to relive those memories. But they don’t have to be pictures from the same event or even the same time period.

Maybe you want all the pictures to be vintage photos to display some of your ancestry. Or maybe you decide to use just photos of your baby. No matter what the subject make sure they all relate in some way.

Next, choose some of your favorites out of that collection of photos to enlarge in various sizes. Select both horizontal and vertical photos for variety. Frame those photos in frames that match your décor or are complementary to it.

Then arrange them on the floor prior to hanging. Experiment with layout. Try something linear if you have just a few photos or if you have several photos try creating a large block of photos. For something a little less orderly arrange your photos around one central picture or accessory related to the pictures.

Try to find areas on at least two walls to hang your photos. You don’t want to over saturate your walls but you don’t want to use too few that you miss making an impact. To spread the look evenly throughout the house, you can even arrange a few on a counter top or coffee table.

No matter what arrangement you choose, bringing out your special photos will not only give your décor some personality, it will also give you plenty of opportunities to tell the stories behind those pictures.



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