48 Spectacular Diy Organization Ideas For Teenage Boys Bedroom

When it comes to decorating a boy’s room we tend to feel a bit stuck on ideas. The one thing about boys is most really don’t care what their room looks like they are more interested in their toys or play stations etc.So really it’s easier to just keep it simple.

Here is what I did when I decorated my boys room. I painted the walls the same color as the lounge room which was beige; so that color flowed through, then I bought a big check or tartan fabric that had the beige in it, the other colors in the tartan check were navy blue, red. I made a quilt cover and curtain pelmets out of the tartan then I got navy blue material and made a sham (or bed skirt which was box pleated) for the bed and pillow cases, I made curtains out of the navy. And then I made tie backs in the tartan fabric.

So the theme followed right the room. Now if the theme was to be changed all I had to do was change the tartan fabric and you would have a whole new look in the room. I did this when my son was 12 now he is turning 21 and he still likes the tartan and the navy curtains. Boys tend to like dark colors. So let them have the dark colors in the curtains but keep the walls light.

When boys are younger they tend to want their favorite character quilt cover. So by keeping the walls a nice soft color to create space and keeping the curtains a plain color a new quilt cover and pillow cases can be bought and the room and take on a whole new look.

The one thing with boys is teaching them to be organized at a young age then it follows through into being an adult. Instead of having a toy box where everything just gets thrown in have boxes for each group of toys, such all cars in one box, building blocks in another etc. This way toys don’t get thrown in together and get broken and it teaches boys how to be organized.

These boxes can be put onto a book shelf that has been built abet deeper so that the boxes can fit into the shelving. Keep the shelving low, you don’t want him climbing on them. The boxes can be made of plastic which probably more durable, but if you’re on a budget you can buy some really nice cardboard boxes these days. If you have a handy husband they could even make the boxes out of light timer and painted in the same colors of the room.

So there some ideas to get you started on decorating your boys room, its really not hard. Think long term, keep it simple and plain so its easy to change as they grow, that’s always the easy option.



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